Support our cause

The Unisoap business model is based exclusively on patronage.

All recycled soap is provided free of charge; therefore, the association does not receive any income related to its sale.

To support our approach, partner hotels make a donation to partially cover the costs of logistics and recycling.

In order to develop, the association needs funds, which can come from:

  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Foundations (call for projects)
  • Public subsidies
  • Donations from the general public (charity events, crowdfunding campaigns, sales for the benefit of the association...)


Don’t throw away your used soap because we can recycle it!

If you wish to get involved, nothing could be simpler! Just contact the association to get all the information. Together, we will determine the best method of collaboration to allow you to subscribe to an environmental, humanitarian and social approach just by collecting your used soap.

Each hotel that participates in this process makes a donation to help with transportation, logistics and recycling costs. In addition, we are able to issue a tax receipt (tax exemption of up to 60% of the amount).

Promotion of the partnership

The UNISOAP certificate allows participating hotels to communicate their commitment in partnership with our association.

It certifies that the establishment is taking an environmental, humanitarian and social approach by supporting the association. Such a commitment is enthusiastically endorsed by many environmentally conscious travellers.

In addition, the association highlights its partners on its various communication and social media. An annual report on soap collections is also sent to partner hotels.


Become a patron of sustainable and united action!

Patronage, sponsorship, organisation of charity events, rounding up of cash to the nearest euro... Companies and Foundations, you can support UNISOAP through different channels, whatever your field of activity!

Your support can be financial, but also technical or commercial. There is plenty of leeway for bespoke partnerships to be created so that you can participate in our projects and help us to develop.


Become our partner for the distribution of soap!

Associations play a key role in the approach implemented by UNISOAP. Indeed, they are the most able to distribute our hygiene products to targeted populations in need, whether locally or internationally, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the field.

The association also seeks to engage in lasting partnerships with other associations in possession of the necessary expertise to set up hygiene education missions.


Get involved with us as a volunteer!

You ALL have the capacity to engage with UNISOAP and become true ambassadors. By talking about our approach in the hotels where you stay, you contribute to taking positive action for the planet and thus to helping the association to develop!

You can also join us as a:

• Volunteer to help us develop our project by contributing your time, knowledge and skills.

• Donor to help in funding the development of our activities and setting up new projects.

• Media partner by spreading the word about us and our activities to the greatest number of people.


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